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Case Study: Repair on Rheavendors Coffee Machine.

Location: The Fitness Bank, Wigston Leicester.

Reported Fault: Not dispensing milk product.

On arrival at site the customer informed me the machine was not dispensing powered milk product.

I removed the product canistors from the machine then removed the panels from the machine.

IMAG0417  IMAG0415

After carrying out some checks on the machine it was established that the ingredient motor which dispenses the milk product was damaged.

IMAG0412  IMAG0414  IMAG0411

I removed the ingredient motor from the machine and carried out a repair to the gearing system inside it.


The motor was then refitted into the machine and tested.

The cause of the ingredient motor becoming damaged was due to the auger inside the canistor had become seized due to the canistor being washed and not dried properly then milk product being put in.


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