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Case Study: Coffee Machine Maintenance on Sophia Bianchi B2C machine

Location :  A Fitness Center in Derbyshire

Fault Reported : following issues with his machine this gentleman called our team and requested a coffee machine repair. the machine itself looked and seemed in good working order but the customer said the coffee was intermittently not dispensing


After inspecting the component of the machine i could not see or find any particular mechanical  or electrical issue with the machine, it would seem that it had not been serviced in a while and the issue was caused by the coffee brewing unit being dirty and clogged, after removing the B2C init from the machine and taking the brewer unit off, it was fully cleaned and tested, replaced back on the machine.

 IMAG0967 IMAG0966

Outcome : customer has fully working machine and very happy with his coffee machine servicing he received :)

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