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Case Study : Display issue with L/H group display

Location : Barnsley

Fault Reported : customer has reported a intermittent issue with the left hand display making a scrolling motion on display after the machine is switched on in the morning, but the rectified itself as the day progressed and as normal with no issue.

IMAG0380  IMAG0554  IMAG0551


after trying to replicate the fault and being unsuccessful, it was hard to establish exactly what was causing the issue, with the machine turned off, i checked all the connections on the board which controlled both displays and button boards underneath and supplied the power, as-well as the display boards, i could not see any damage to looms, leads,PCB controllers or any other issues relating to the problem described.

IMAG0549    IMAG0547   IMAG0548


after fully inspecting and trying to diagnose what could be causing the issue, after consulting with and  support from La Spaziale it was advised both the button PCB and the Display PCB be replaced on the left hand group head, after this process was done and machine fully tested to specification the machine is working fully once again keeping the customer happy :)




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