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Melitta Alpha B2C coffee machine repair

Case Study : Melitta Alpha Bean To Cup Coffee Machine Repair

Location : Workshop

Problem : machine has inconstant pressure coming up with error on screen regarding steam boiler pressure

This particular machine was brought into us with an ongoing issue relating to error codes and pressure issues, when the machine was turned on all seems fine and machine seems to heat up and work normal.

IMAG1086  IMAG1094


after a few days on test the machine was coming up with low pressure issue while not in use, the problem seemed as if the was a issue with the pressure sensor, this was replaced and the machine was then put back on test to see if issue was resolved


after a few days on test it would seem that this was not causing the issue to cause the machine to go off, after some technical advice and consultation with Melitta we was advised to change the elements inside the boiler and the power board to resolve the issue

IMAG1073 IMAG1080


Elements replaced and tested

IMAG1096    IMAG1083

Power board replaced and tested , the machine was then fully tested over several days and the problem was resolved,another coffee machine repair.

IMAG1085 IMAG1093

Outcome : intermittent issues are sometimes hard to diagnose but with persistence and collaboration with the manufacture the issues were resolved and customer very happy with coffee machine service :)



Traditonal Coffee Machine Repair

Case Study:  Repair on Stafco 2 Group Coffee Machine

Location: Workshop

Reported Fault: Machine tripping electrincs when plugged in

Machine is been brought to us by a customer as he had another one to cover while this one will be repaired in our workshop.On arrival our manufacture trained coffee machine engineers proceed to strip down the machine by taken off all the panels for easy acces to all inside electrical components. After a visual inspection on each part they’ve connect the machine to a PAT tester and the coffee machine failled for Insulation.




.                             IMG_2502 IMG_2501

After that coffee machine engineer disconnect each electrical components one by one while coffee machine still connected to the PAT tester and soon as he disconencted the heating element coffee machine has PASS the PAT test, from that moment we knew that is something wrong with the heater . I’ve drain out the boiler and remove the heating element and found the element being split inside.


                              IMG_2507 IMG_2508

I replaced the faulty heating element with a new one, reconnect all the wires PAT tested it to make sure everything is fine, plugged in the coffee machine all warking good.


                        IMG_2510 IMG_2513 IMG_2515

Next day is been collected by the customer which was very happy that coffee machine is been fixed in such a profesional maner and in short period of time.


Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Repair

Case Study: Repair on Rheavendors Coffee Machine.

Location: The Fitness Bank, Wigston Leicester.

Reported Fault: Not dispensing milk product.

On arrival at site the customer informed me the machine was not dispensing powered milk product.

I removed the product canistors from the machine then removed the panels from the machine.

IMAG0417  IMAG0415

After carrying out some checks on the machine it was established that the ingredient motor which dispenses the milk product was damaged.

IMAG0412  IMAG0414  IMAG0411

I removed the ingredient motor from the machine and carried out a repair to the gearing system inside it.


The motor was then refitted into the machine and tested.

The cause of the ingredient motor becoming damaged was due to the auger inside the canistor had become seized due to the canistor being washed and not dried properly then milk product being put in.


Sanremo Verona Coffee Machine Repair

Case Study : Sanremo Coffee Machine Repair

Location: Deli Bar Central Manchester

Fault Reported : this customer called our team for a coffee machine repair, when the customer was making any selection from the left hand keypad the machine would turn off all the electricity to the machine. on first inspection there were  no visual signs of an issue, i checked for physical damage to machine or components, leaks inside or on the machine etc.

IMAG0422 IMAG0426 IMAG0427

while inspecting the control pack i had notice there was an issue straight away with a fuse blown on the board, this fuse was replaced firstly, and due to my experience on this model of machine, i had come across this issue before and was a problem with the coil on the valve.

IMAG0424 IMAG0435 IMAG0429

after replacing both the valve coil and the blown fuse on the machine, the machine was fully inspected, tested and all was working great again.

IMAG0434 IMAG0428


Outcome : another coffee machine repair, fast response, hassle free and speedy repair to get customer up and running asap, customer very happy :)




Coffee Machine Servicing

Case Study: Coffee Machine Maintenance on Sophia Bianchi B2C machine

Location :  A Fitness Center in Derbyshire

Fault Reported : following issues with his machine this gentleman called our team and requested a coffee machine repair. the machine itself looked and seemed in good working order but the customer said the coffee was intermittently not dispensing


After inspecting the component of the machine i could not see or find any particular mechanical  or electrical issue with the machine, it would seem that it had not been serviced in a while and the issue was caused by the coffee brewing unit being dirty and clogged, after removing the B2C init from the machine and taking the brewer unit off, it was fully cleaned and tested, replaced back on the machine.

 IMAG0967 IMAG0966

Outcome : customer has fully working machine and very happy with his coffee machine servicing he received :)

IMAG0976 IMAG0975




Melitta Alpha B2C Coffee Machine Maintenance

Case Study: Melitta Alpha Coffee Machine Servicing

Location: City Centre Bar Manchester

Fault Reported : coffee machine repair requested by customer saying machine has issue “every now and again ” saying on front of machine needs beans,when bean hopper full. upon first inspection machine seems to be working fine with no issues, more visual inspection inside needed to see if any issues.

IMAG0871 IMAG0866

on further inspection to grinder and bean chamber, the bean chute guard was half closed, indicating the access for the beans into the grinder was obstructed and intermittently not allowing beans to fall, and easy fix and opened the chute fully, machine tested and working fully, customer very happy :)

IMAG0860 IMAG0861 IMAG0864


La Spaziale Coffee Machine Servicing

Case Study : Coffee Machine Maintenance  : Coffee Machine Servicing

Location : Coffee Shop Billinge Wigan

Fault Reported : Before arriving to site a coffee machine repair was requested by the customer, explaining to us that when the machine was turned on it was “taking out the electrics in the shop” .on arrival before i was to turn the machine on from experience i need to check if the machine was going o fail on insulation using  my my pac500 checker, this would point me straight to the machine if it was at fault.

IMAG0898 IMAG0896


It was soon established the machine was at fault, i suspected the issue was caused by either a boiler or element issue with machine, at this pint i would disconnect each elements to the coffee boilers and steam boiler. and test supply inbetween using pac500 to establish which part was causing failure.after disconnected the live and neutral feed to the steam boiler the insulation test passed, therefore pointing me in the direction of a faulty element on the steam boiler.this would need to be replaced.

IMAG0902 IMAG0903 IMAG0900


Outcome : after replacing the steam boiler, it was tested and back upto pressure, machine was fully inspected and working as normal, customer very happy with his coffee machine repair :)

IMAG0924 IMAG0923 IMAG0910





Coffee Machine Repair

Case Study: Stafco Coffee Machine Repair / Coffee Machine Maintenance

Location: Public House Manchester

Fault Reported: Before arrival to site a Coffee Machine Repair was requested by the customer due to the machine leaking and not working correctly,on arrival to site the machine didn’t look it great shape,the machine was switched off and customer explained the machine was leaking from underneath and on first visual inspection the R/H keypad membrane was hanging off.

IMAG0809 IMAG0810


after turning the machine on i established the machine was leaking from one of the flow-meters underneath and also the machine was over filling and not turning of when sufficient water was in the tank.

IMAG0875 IMAG0883

my first port of call was to replace the leaking flow-meter, then the issue with overfilling was suspected issue with the L/H keypad communication with machine, after speaking and advising my customer of the best course of action, it was decided to replace both keypads on the machine, this would get the machine back in good working condition and give the machine a fresh new look.


Outcome : after keypads replaced, flow meter replaced, machine programmed, levels set the machine is now perfect working condition and customer very happy with outcome of coffee machine maintenance :)

IMAG0889 IMAG0890 IMAG0892


Sanremo Milano Coffee Machine Repair

Case Study : Sanremo Milano hot water running issue

Location : Public House Ellesmere Port

Fault Reported : this particular coffee machine fault seemed a little strange on first inspection, the customer had reported that when she had tried to press for a regular espresso on the left hand head it would not dispense but would run the hot water straight from the hot water tap !! upon inspection this seemed to be the case !


after switching the coffee machine off and removing the drip tray and guard panel underneath, it suddenly became clear as to what the problem was, it would seem that at some point the drip tray had become overflown and excess water had over spilled into the power pack and power switch housing and the control pack was submerged in water.

IMAG0082  IMAG0086  IMAG0142

this kind of issue can occur when the waste pipe has a blockage or if in a bucket the end of the waste pipe is submerged below the surface of the water inside,it would cause an air lock there would be nowhere for the waste to go and would over fill the waste tray. The problem was while the control pack was sat in the water it was causing a short circuit and providing the customer with a different option than requested   ie: running hot water instead of water to group head


Outcome :after drying out the trays and control pack the damage had already been done, the power pack had to be replaced and reprogrammed and the machine was back in correct working order. Coffee machine repair completed and another happy customer :)


La Spaziale S40 Selectron Fault

Case Study : Display issue with L/H group display

Location : Barnsley

Fault Reported : customer has reported a intermittent issue with the left hand display making a scrolling motion on display after the machine is switched on in the morning, but the rectified itself as the day progressed and as normal with no issue.

IMAG0380  IMAG0554  IMAG0551


after trying to replicate the fault and being unsuccessful, it was hard to establish exactly what was causing the issue, with the machine turned off, i checked all the connections on the board which controlled both displays and button boards underneath and supplied the power, as-well as the display boards, i could not see any damage to looms, leads,PCB controllers or any other issues relating to the problem described.

IMAG0549    IMAG0547   IMAG0548


after fully inspecting and trying to diagnose what could be causing the issue, after consulting with and  support from La Spaziale it was advised both the button PCB and the Display PCB be replaced on the left hand group head, after this process was done and machine fully tested to specification the machine is working fully once again keeping the customer happy :)




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