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Case Study : Sanremo Coffee Machine Repair

Location: Deli Bar Central Manchester

Fault Reported : this customer called our team for a coffee machine repair, when the customer was making any selection from the left hand keypad the machine would turn off all the electricity to the machine. on first inspection there were  no visual signs of an issue, i checked for physical damage to machine or components, leaks inside or on the machine etc.

IMAG0422 IMAG0426 IMAG0427

while inspecting the control pack i had notice there was an issue straight away with a fuse blown on the board, this fuse was replaced firstly, and due to my experience on this model of machine, i had come across this issue before and was a problem with the coil on the valve.

IMAG0424 IMAG0435 IMAG0429

after replacing both the valve coil and the blown fuse on the machine, the machine was fully inspected, tested and all was working great again.

IMAG0434 IMAG0428


Outcome : another coffee machine repair, fast response, hassle free and speedy repair to get customer up and running asap, customer very happy :)




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